Friday, August 5, 2011

Favourite Things: The Wishbone Bike

I've developed a pretty great relationship with the mailman lately.  How can I help it, when he keeps bringing me such awesome stuff (more to share soon)?!  The delivery of this Wishbone Bike was right up there with the most exciting things to be received by mail, and as soon as it arrived I was tearing the box open and earnestly studying the manual.  I couldn't put that baby together quick enough!  While I tirelessly worked (actually it was extremely simple to assemble) Eleanor stood over me eating raisins from a packet, like an idle co-worker.  I hadn't even fed her breakfast yet but she didn't complain, she was pretty much as engrossed as I was....

And then, this!


Truly a thing of beauty, and actually significantly bigger than I'd imagined it would be.  Here's the thing.  SO many people have raved to me about how awesome balance bikes are, and what a big difference they made to their kid's confidence, etc - and I've really been eyeing them up for ages, fairly certain I would try and buy one for Eleanor's birthday/Christmas present this year.  But - up until this point, Eleanor has shown zero inclination to ride any kind of bike/tricycle/wheeled toy.  In fact, she screams whenever we attempt to coerce her into riding.  It bummed me a bit, because I could see how much pleasure all the other toddlers were getting out of their little plastic trikes, and I so hoped she would gain that kind of confidence.  I wanted to see her (cute) little pudgy legs pushing her along, broad grin on her face...

So to be honest, I wasn't exactly sure how this review was gonna go.  I was given a week to test the bike, so I hoped that in that time I would be able to gently encourage Eleanor to give it a go.  I crossed my fingers, and counted on those seven days as being enough time for her to build up some confidence.

Shouldn't have worried.  This is her about five minutes after it was assembled.


I honestly don't know what it was - maybe it had something to do with the fascination I think she felt as she watched me put the bike together.  Maybe it was because it was a larger bike than the others she'd tried and somehow that made it seem safer...  Who knows, but I was very stoked to see her eagerly climb onto the bike and begin pushing herself around the house.

That same day we went down to the park to give it a proper test drive, and while she came and went at first, she soon became super confident and was spinning around the court as fast as her little legs could go...


The best bit was when I backed away from her, and she still burned around happily, without even noticing or acknowledging my absence.  And that was when my heart was won.

We were given the option of buying the bike, or returning it after sampling - and unsurprisingly we decided (pretty much immediately) to purchase it. The nice little discount did help, I must admit!  Though I would have found it hard to send this bike back regardless... 

If you have never seen or heard of Wishbone Design, they are owned and run by a Wellington based family, who just seem like the most lovely and down-to-earth people.  They have an eco-focus to their designs, with this to say about the Wishbone Bike;

"Using a good measure of natural and recyclable materials, Wishbone Bike utterly reorganises when and how a kid learns to ride.  In a single blow, it replaces multiple products that you could have bought, ridden, broken and thrown out between ages 1 and 5."  From their website.

Which is so absolutely true!  This is the first bike/trike we have purchased for Eleanor, and there is no need for us to buy any other until she reaches school age.  The design of this bike means that it perfectly suits her now (unlike other balance bikes that she wouldn't have gone near for quite some time), and as soon as she is ready to move on up, will turn into a two-wheeler.  It's a three-in-one bike too, and so, like a woolen jumper, it can grow as she does.  Gosh that makes me feel all kinds of happy!  I'm also a huge fan of their limited edition Koru bike, designed by Shane Hansen - purdy!  And the new Wollemi design - also amazing... Sigh... Well I guess we'll have to get one for bub no. 2...  Hmm....  And I'm mega tempted by the accessories that go with this bike, in particular the stickers!  Weeeell, there's always Christmas... But, flames or flowers?  Tough one...

** This review was written by me because I chose to write it, not because I was paid to, or even asked to.  The opinions expressed are my own, and based on my personal experience of this product.  


  1. Those photos of Eleanor!

    You don't even have to say anything ... she's so funny and super cute! I'm glad she has a bike!

  2. I love her outfit! And she really does look like she's having fun!

  3. Eleanor looks like she is having so much fun! I haven't seen these bikes before only the balance ones and I must say Ella would have appreciated this one more also. She really didn't 'get' pedalling on her trike at all but was in her element when I picked up an oppie two wheeler (with training wheels) - and looking at it the 2 types have completely different pedal motions.
    I can understand why you are keeping it, thanks for the review :)

  4. Okay, want one! My little H won't use a tricycle either, but I think he could handle this! I saw these in Nature Baby, and now I think I'll have to go back and buy one..

  5. Gorgeous bike, gorgeous girl!