Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer Series - Project #3

The second to last of my beach towel tutorials!  This is quite a floppy bag unless it is full.  I could have lined it or something to make it stiffer, but I wanted it to be easily washable and quick to dry...  That's the beauty of using towels!  I also didn't do any nice hemming, it's all very rough.  This was mainly because I don't enjoy hemming towel fabric, and my machine doesn't either.  Also because I'm not particularly fussy, and I wanted this to be the type of bag that you don't feel too precious about.  If you use it as intended, as a 'beach day' nappy/changing bag, then it's bound to get pretty banged up and dirty.  And despite the lack of hemming, it still looks pretty tidy & respectable really...

The Beach Baby Nappy Bag:

The towel works as a nappy changing mat (you can place a regular nappy mat over the top to protect it if you like, or even just use a cloth nappy), and also works as a nice drying spot if your bub has had a little swim.

Yet again this is a beginners project, which I completed during this afternoon's nap time.  The following tutorial is really just a basic outline of what you could do, but I think this is a fun project to be creative with.  I kept it pretty simple, with few pockets and a basic design - but you could definitely pretty it up and add some cute features...

You will need:

In retrospect I should have trimmed the sides of this pillow case to start off - so that the change mat fit the bag properly.  I ended up making some pleats to draw the sides in so that it fit well...  Yay for simple solutions!

NB:  These open ended side pockets didn't really work out for me - maybe close them up, or place them closer to the base of your bag...

As you can see, I was able to use existing features of the pillow case to make little outside pockets.  Maybe you can do the same - or make some pretty pockets of your own...




  1. So impressed with all your summer things - think this bag would work as a normal nappy bag too. Will have to experiment with the design once I'm up to having the sewing machine out again.

  2. So cool! Summer is beckoning!

    Jenny :)

  3. Wow! I know 2 people who are expecting babies this spring/summer. I can't wait to make a couple of these as gifts, stuffed with baby stuff! Thank You, so much, for sharing!

  4. You are absolutely genius! I love this and the other beach towel tutorial! Sooo awesome!