Sunday, March 25, 2012


I'm still taking pre-orders for the alphabet soon, which is drawing ever closer to being a real-live-available-product (woop WOOOP!).  If you have been considering purchasing a set - pre-ordering is good way to go.  Over 20% off the full price, and I'll be throwing in some extra lovely things for each pre-order.  Also, I won't be taking any payments until I actually have the sets complete and packaged and ready to send, so it's really just a way of getting a good deal.  That's all.  For those of you who have no idea what the heck I'm talking about, each alphabet set will include 26 cards (postcard size) featuring images that I have hand-drawn.  They can be used as flashcards, postcards, wall decoration or anything else you can dream up.  I am three cards off finishing the sets, the most recent addition being V (view other letters here).

And don't forget that there is still time to enter my 200 followers giveaway!  Perfect for trips to the library or the Farmer's Market (or everywhere, as we do).

At the brumbie races

That is all.  But OH I wish I could share my newest little project.  It's too far away from completion just yet, but soooon! x


  1. I really like your drawings!!
    I would like to draw as you!

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