Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paper dolls for fairies?

One thing that I've noticed about moving to the country, is that our lives have become much busier.  You'd think it would be the opposite, but I guess it comes with belonging to a community.  Nearly every day we have someone to see or something to do, and often quite a list of both.  It's a far cry from our quiet city days, and while it can be tiring sometimes, I do love it.  Oh dear, I fear I sound like Mrs Bennet here, declaring the number of families she dines with to the Bingley sisters...

But basically it means a little less time for crafts (though winter is looming of course, so there is that), illustration, and writing.  We are all about babies and business and socialising.  I did have time to cut out these ridiculously tiny paper dolls though.  They are a perfect size to be paper dolls for my paper dolls, which are a perfect size to be paper dolls for normal sized paper dolls.  Are you still with me?  Paper dolls for the paper dolls of paper dolls.  Aiight?

These are the ways in which I find amusement, it would seem.  If you would like a set of your own ridiculously tiny paper dolls, just buy a set of these Paper Pocket Friends, and cut out the ones on the label.  That's what I did except I didn't actually buy them, for obvious reasons.  Laughing like a crazy hyena while I did so... Eeeet's the smalllest paper doll in the wooooooorld!!!!!  Heeheheheheeeeeee!!!

I made some more of these too, for the fairies to buy.  Complete with handmade envelopes the size of my littlest finger nail.  Why did I make these?  Because it sure beats trying to work out how to do our tax return.

This one is sick, but recovering.

This one keeps trying to roll.  Bit soon dontcha think little fellow?  He also wears floral onesies, because I'm that mum.  Yeah.

I finished this portrait.  It took me an eternity, but it's one of my all time faves./I'm only responsible for the drawing part of this image, the photo and the idea belong to the lovely recipient!


  1. these are all super cute. i'm pretty sure you can't go any smaller now. i know you've considered it ;)

  2. Good to hear that I'm not the only one who dresses my poor wee boy in pink & florals! I recently went to print off a photo of him and in virtually every decent photo he was wearing at least some pink... oops!

  3. Paper dolls for paper dolls for paper dolls! Love. Also, I am that mum too. Or I was until my boy got big enough to choose his own clothes. Now he just wears makeshift costumes of his latest book/movie/lego character.

  4. Your portrait of that cute couple is tip-top Stella. No wonder it's one of your faves.

  5. I loved the paragraph about the dolls for dolls' dolls. I even had to read it aloud to Abraham. You funny (and lovely!) lady!

    Also, that portrait is absolutely stunning annnd my boys wear some sweet florals too - all the cool kids do : )

  6. Isn't it amazing what country air does to the brain - heeheehheeee! :) You made me laugh too!