Sunday, April 22, 2012

Piles of paper

When I can, I always try and grab a moment to draw.  On Saturday, Zan gifted me a whole four hours (with momentary interruptions for baby feedings etc).  It was, simply put, bliss.  The problem I'm having at the moment is an excess of Ideas in comparison to Available Time.  I'm working on about four different projects, and squeezing in a few commissions here and there (that makes me sound fancy, but really, no).  

The project above is one that I'm particularly excited about - though it did open the door to about 1000 more ideas, so... mixed blessing really!  I'll share more soon, I hope!

These were fun (and simple) to whip up.  Stamp sized commissions.  Like.

Probably pretty easy to guess where I'm going with this one.  What do you think?  I'm quite excited about where it's gonna go actually...  Watch this space!

And this project has nearly reached completed - BIG deep breath out... Woah, I had no idea what I was getting myself in for with this!  So stoked to have almost reached the finish line...  These are the last two, I started them last night.  X has been sent to the printers, and once these babies are done and printed, alphabet sets are ready to go!  I have made a wee price change on these, so pre-ordering is an even better idea now - nearly a third of the price off.  Also, while I plan to CELEBRATE the finish of this project, I have decided not to do a giveaway for these.  I have already promised away a few too many sets, and instead I'm going to turn my attention to making a wee treat to give the pre-orderees.  I'll keep pre-orders open for one more week, by which time I'm hoping these will be sent to the printers too, woooooooooop!  Just email me if you would like to jump onto that list - rutherbrad(at)yahoo(dot)com


  1. W & Z rock my heart. Such a treasure Stell. LOve them all under your header too! x

  2. You busy bee.
    Beautiful illustrations Stella. x

  3. Hi Stella, Hannah here. I have been meaning to stop by since forever, something of your proclivity I think, the more children you have the less time just to pop into another world! I just wanted to say thank you dearly for allowing the copy of Dad's portrait. Is is very treasured.
    Wishing you much love in your new life in the country, and good luck finding that little cottage you dream of and utterly deserve! Your crafting/creating is inspirational, keep up the good work!.

    X H

  4. Ooh this all looks interesting...the folding up thingy especially. Congratulations on the near completion of the alphabet, wow, what a fantastic project, i hope you do well with the sales x

  5. Hey I've been meaning to ask are you going to be printing out a whole alphabet poster size???