Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY Friday

I'm not saying it's a thing, but it could be...

Anyway, this DIY friday I made a Flock of Seagulls Mobile.  I maintain that this project is worthy of a title 
:-P  So this is what the printable seagulls look like made up.  I designed these with a particular purpose in mind, but they've done their job now, and so they have become a mobile.  I won't insult your crafty intelligence by bothering with a tutorial, I'm sure you can see exactly what I've done here.  I will say that I printed these on paper, not on card (as I had intended), and it worked out fine.  I still think it would work better with a heavier cardstock, but if it's easier (and cheaper) for you to use paper, you could always back the wings with recycled card.  The bodies work fine with paper.

A very easy project, and they would look cute hovering over your dinner table...  Begging for food, as seagulls do.  Which is exactly what I used them for!  I think I'm the first person to have this idea, though you never do know.  But if you were wondering if I'm some kind of creative genius, then you would be right.  Let this be your proof!  Haha!  I'm joking, I'm joking...

I know that seagulls are not exactly a favourite bird for many people, but in mobile form the are relatively pleasant.  I'm going to design another bird mobile, with native NZ birds.  And one with swallows.  The swallows will be another free printable, so if that floats your boat, stay tuned!

This kid is determined to pull this mobile down.  She's a pretty determined lass, so there's a fairly high likelihood that she'll succeed.  She likes to chase these birds in real life too, "gon' getchu!"


  1. Cool!! They look like very serene Seagulls.
    I am looking forward to seeing your native bird one!

  2. I look forward to printing a set of these Stella - love the way you have used timber as well. :)

  3. you're right, seagulls are not my first choice of birds to hang in my house, but these ones are actually quite lovely. can't wait to see the other versions, too. x