Thursday, May 17, 2012

"I tiger!"

errr, well, leopard actually.  It's pretty geeky, but The Kid and I regularly have growly conversations that go like this, "(growling) I tiger", "(growling back) I tiger tooooo".  She likes to draw out the 'too', emphatic.  It was only a matter of time before we had costumes to accompany this... well, I guess you could call it a game, at a stretch.

Though we do have to face the fact that this is a leopard get-up.  Sadly.

The thiiiiiiing is, and I should probably be a bit more embarrassed to admit this, I have wanted an adult onesie since the day they came on the market.  I'm being very serious.  And yes, this does all relate.   So imagine my complete delight when I was wandering the aisles of The Warehouse, desperate to make some kind of purchase that was important enough to warrant me spending our last dime on it...  It's a tough call right?! A spend that makes up for the fact that you can't whip over to the shop when you next run out of peanut butter or something actually important, like milk or bread. A purchase excellent enough to compensate for no take out coffees all week (my weakness, shhhh).  It couldn't be just anything, but it had to be something. After all, when you live where we do, a trip to any shop is not something to be wasted.

And then I saw it.  An adult onesie.  Into the trolley it went, immediately.  I thought I was done, until I saw this amazing-pants leopard print number in the kids section.  I grabbed the largest size available, "yup yup yup," on an adrenaline high by now.  It looked huge, I had no doubt it would fit.  Mistake #1.  The whole ride home I was giddy with excitement.  Not only a onesie, but in leopard print!!!!  For real!!  When home I hastily removed the tag, (mistake #2) and tried it on.  It fit, mostly, except that the bodice part was designed for, well, a kid.  I could just squeeze myself in, but my dreams of lounging (comfily) around in a leopard print onesie were never going to eventuate.  Saddest. day. ever.

Okay, I know that at this point you're already thinking that I'm a bit nuts, and I will tell you this.  You are not alone.  Even my family... well... they love me anyway.  It's not everyones dream, but it is mine.  And there was no way I was giving up without a fight.  "A two-piece leopard suit you shall be!"  And then I cut it through the middle.  And then I put both pieces on and stared with dismay into the mirror.  There looking back at me was my own stretch-marked-pale-skinned-two-baby-belly.  This cannot be happening...  

You'll have to imagine all the sad faces I was pulling, throwing myself onto the bed in despair, etc etc.  If I'd had the heart to find some appropriately melancholic music to play, it would have been played, alright.  But the fighter in me would not give in.  After all, I'd just spent my last $26 on this thing, and I was gonna get my dang moneys worth.

Hurrah for my trusty little sewing machine.  When all else fails, it always seems to get me out of a tight spot.  Because who doesn't love to see a kid in an animal costume?!  I know I do.  If fact, if I had an unlimited budget, and if my kids weren't that discerning (which, in fact, they are not), I would have costumes for every type of animal, and that's all they would ever wear.  Tomorrow you get to see this suit (and it's matching baby twin) in its full glory, but tonight you just get the back-story and these sneak previews.  I know.  You're speechless.  Admire away, people.

p.s. Don't be thinking that I've given up on my leopard print onesie.  One way or another, it will be mine.



  2. I am shrieking with laughter here, i cant wait to see what you did with it! I laugh loud because i too have seen those suits, and have been contemplating...but they only have them in pink here! So, you are not aline in your 'fashion that dare not speak its name' shame!!!

  3. Why can't they make the leopard print in adult sizes!!!!!!! Tragic day... And yeah, I would be stuck in the 'thinking about it stage' over a pink one too... Comfort vs. cool (unless in leopard print, in which case, both).

  4. Fantastic! Look forward to the pictures.
    Love the last one, where she has her head resting on her hands.

  5. HAHAHA!!!! ahhh. yep can't wait to see... x

  6. this is adorable.
    in uncountable ways :)

  7. betya cotton body does them too ooo interested. "nothing says no like a onesie" LOL x

  8. I laughed, out loud, for this entire post. Abraham looked at me like I was on the crack. I love it, and you. HILARIOUS.
    (I also love the saying ' nothing says no like a onsie', must remember that one!)
    Thanks for this Stella, I needed it this morning.