Saturday, May 19, 2012

Magnetic me

I got Rosa-May to help me with these ones.  It all began as a happy accident.  Garland was lying on the floor and his sister lay down next to him.  I took photos from an unexpected angle, and quickly realised that it was actually a 'flying' angle.  A few days later I had another go, adding some directions this time, and ended up with these.

Because I lack Photoshopping skills, I did these the old-fashioned way.  Print, cut, draw, scan and reprint (on magnet, this time).  Rosa added the colour for me (thanks sis!).  And then I cut them out again and popped them on the fridge.  When eventually we move into our own place, these will belong to our chalkboard fridge, and I think they'll look really good there!

Ma's fridge - getting pretty crowded with my magnet love...

I've also printed out some slightly larger sets of magnetic bunting, and printed some magnetic paper pocket friends too...  Obsessed much?!


  1. So cool! I might have to try some super hero shots myself! Really clever idea.

  2. They are two very cute super heros! lol

  3. Genius. (does help that you have super dooper blimmin' cute kids too..)