Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Colour Matching Wheels for Busy Bags

A friend of mine is organising a toddlers Busy Bag Swap.  I'm pretty excited about it.  Not only is Eleanor at the PERFECT age for this type of thing to go down a treat (and even I'm looking forward to opening all those ziplock bags to see what activities we've been sent), but we also have a trip to Australia coming up in a few months, so I'm thinking that these bags may become out travel accessories.

I wasn't sure what to make at first, but thanks to Pinterest, I already had a few ideas saved.  The Colour Matching Wheel attracted me immediately.  Cute and fun.

I think it would have been much easier to print out colour wheels to start with, but instead I opted for a really complicated system of cutting out pizza slices from paint colour chips, and gluing all the teeny pieces to the bases that Zan cut out for me.  Yeah, basically, the hard way.  They look a bit messy as a result (the one above is my prototype, the others look a teensy bit tidier), but the colours are bright and cheerful.  Plus, it makes my overall budget for the project a measly $5 (two bags of mini wooden pegs).  Which is suits us perfectly right now!

They did turn out a lot smaller than I anticipated, so I whipped up a second wheel out of some of the remaining colours, and did a number matching version.  Now my brain is thinking of all the other variations I could make.  If Eleanor enjoys these, I might just invest in another bag of pegs.  If things ever quieten down in my life (unlikely), I may try and organise another of these Busy Bag Swaps, because I reckon you probably can't have too many of these rainy day activities on hand, particularly when you are trying to prepare dinner.

p.s. I hope you weren't too distracted by the coffee stain in these photos... I certainly was when I was putting this post together...


  1. A friend told me about busy bags last year- they are such a great idea. Love your colour wheels. I made a couple for a friend that had a new baby to keep her other 2 kiddies occupied and she said they were a hit. If you do organise a swap I would be very keen!

  2. Ooh i like those, and i know a 2.5 year old who'd like them even more!

  3. Talk about a cute idea. I'm sure the little ones will enjoy these colour matching activities.
    A great use of paint chips too. x