Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Night at the Movies

Today was the birthday party of a little friend of ours.  We always love going to Cami's birthdays as his mama is one styley lady who knows how to throw a good bash.  We also look forward to seeing what cool cake our amaze-pants Cake Maker friend has created.  Cam's 3rd birthday party did not let us down.

I've been working on a party package for this theme, and got to test out my designs at Cam's party.  I kinda love them, to be honest.  The invite and the cup sleeve in particular.  Stace used my designs in fun ways that I would never have thought of, it's pretty neat seeing your own work being used in real life.

Alice got creative and even used some of my designs on her cake.  Um, amazingness!  It was a Movie theme party (they watched a kiddy film on the projector after lunch), so I came up with a colourful and fun invite that referenced old movie posters, and in particular The Red Balloon (love that film).  Stace requested some labels too, so I created some basic designs that she used in a couple of cute ways (some shown above).  The cup wrapper was my favourite thing to design.  I created it to fit a small paper cup, but finding those out of stock, Stace was able to use it on plastic cups instead.  Brill!  

I have a few more designs to add to this range, to be completed when time permits.  

Eleanor in a dress by The Wardrobe (first worn here, but fitting perfectly now), top from The Warehouse and tights from Farmers. 

Cami's first birthday blogged here, and second birthday blogged here.


  1. Ahhh you really have found your niche, m'dear. You are a birthday party accessories magic-maker. I Looooooove it all - especially the wee cups.

  2. Love it! The cup sleeves and the invitation are my fav's. That cake is awesome too! Gorgeous!

  3. It all looks awesome Stella... and I hope you don't mind I just linked to you (and that darling little hoodie) in a recycled round-up post I just did :)

  4. What talented women you are. You weave such magic together. Was sorry to miss this one! X H