Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Story Scene Terrarium

I've always been captivated by snow globes and ships in bottles and terrariums and fairy gardens.  This project combines several of those things into one piece of wonderfulness.  And simultaneously becomes a vintage book recycle project.  Win.

It's also just about the easiest project ever, and can be completed in minutes flat.

These were my ingredients:

A jar, a skewer, moss, thread, glue, vintage book cut-outs, pretty paper kite.  I also used my hot glue gun, later.

The only tricky aspect of this project, was the gluing of these small pieces.  Attaching the kite to the string to the girl.  Ug.  It took a few tries, and a lot of patience.

I held the kite while I pressed the skewer (attached to the baby) into the moss, and then hot glued it as quickly as I could. 

I have pretty bad luck with hot glue, either that, or else it's just not all it's cracked up to be, because my kite didn't stick for good.  I'll try again soon with some different kind of glue.  Aquadhere usually works pretty well.

Those are the tiny toadstools I was trying to explain earlier.  I love making them, and pressing them into the moss.  So simple and so effective.

Done!  Like I said, you could do this project between your first coffee and your second.  I would like to do a seaside one next, with sand and water and a little boat.  There are so many little scenes you could create...

Pop back tomorrow for another simple project, and the first of my birthday month giveaways...


  1. This is adorable! I'm sure my kids would love to 'help' me make them one! I will have to pin!

  2. Man, I love absolutely everything about this blog post! That's beauty, right there.