Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Art Envelopes

This is a project for everyday use, but I also think they are perfect for sending out invites.  Garden parties, Spring themes, Fairy parties, or just a little get together with friends.  I would never try to claim ownership of this idea, and really these are so simple to make that you hardly need a tutorial not that that seems to be stopping me.  I don't have anyone to link back to, and I wouldn't even know who originated this idea, but I suspect people have been making these for decades anyway.

You will need:

1. An old book, preferably one that is already damaged.  2. An envelope to use as a template.  3. Some clear, flat plastic packaging (I always save this type of packaging for projects like this.  I promise I won't start hoarding things in a scary way :-/).  4. Watercolour paints.  5. Scissors.  6. DECAdry letters - but if you don't have these, alphabet stamps or even just an inky pen will do.  7. Glue.

1. Open out your envelope to use as a template.  2. Find a page with a large illustration and size up your template against it, making sure that the best part of the illustration will end up on the front part of the envelope.

3. Trace around your envelope.  4. Ahem.  Cut it out.  Yeah I know, these instructions are v. obvious. 5. Pre-fold your new envelope and press down the edges with your finger nails to make sure they are crisp.  6. Open the envelope back out again, and then find a spot on the front of your envelope to cut out your window.  It doesn't matter where.  Just somewhere that looks good.

7. Paint around the edge of your window.  I did a scallop design because that seems to be my fall back at the moment, as you have quite possibly already noticed.  8. Use whatever lettering device you have to leave a little message for the recipient.

9.  Once the paint has dried, turn the envelope over and glue a pre-cut square of plastic sheeting onto it. 10.  Glue the tabs together.  Done!

Easy peasy.  

Tomorrow:  More makings, and a giveaway...


  1. If only I could bring myself to cut up books!
    Even the shabby falling apart ones.
    They do look lovely though...

  2. Awesome! Have just pinned this to my board :-)