Friday, August 3, 2012

Busy Bags Pt. 1

Do you remember those busy bags I was telling you about?  A few days ago they arrived, in perfect time to be packed into our travel bags.  Of the swapees I only knew the organiser (who I met at teachers college - we were both preggers for the duration of the course), and my lovely friend Stace, whose contribution is sadly not pictured here (I'll pop it up soon!).  The others were strangers, and weirder still, not-bloggers does such a thing exist?  Which means I am unable to link these activities to their makers.  Just to be clear, I made none of these activities.  My busy bag items were blogged here, an idea that I took from here.

I did giggle when I opened up the Popsicle Puzzle and saw that I'd emailed her an outtake, rather than a favourite image of my two.  Still cute though, and candid I guess.  Man, Garland was teeny then!  *sigh*  I'll be back tomorrow with the rest of the bags...

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