Thursday, August 2, 2012

Free Printable: Colour-in Party Hat

'Lovely Little Parties' will be a regular feature on here from now on, as I slowly fall deeper in love with creating birthday parties.  I will share all kinds of things in this space, and I do hope you don't mind me indulging my obsession here.  Today I am kicking off by sharing this simple little printable with you.  I think these would make for a fun and simple party activity, that little guests can then wear and take home.  Great for parties with a strict budget, and fun for kids.  I recommend printing it on a heavier cardstock, maybe 200gsm.  But whatevs.

One for colouring in: 

And one for creating their own gorgeous masterpiece.  Just cut them out, slot them together, add an elastic, and you're done! 

I'll be back tomorrow to reveal the contents of that Busy Bag Swap I partook in... x


  1. Great idea you clever lady! Love those pom poms round the edge too!

  2. Have filed this one away for future use - thanks! And please do continue to indulge your passion for parties here, it is most welcome : )
    (Is it just the light, or Mister Garland looking quite ginger?)