Sunday, August 19, 2012

Guest Post: Allana of High Maintenance Hippy

Many of you already know Allana, but for those of you who don't, she is one of the sweetest friends I've made since I began this blog.  My list of wonderful bloggy friends has stretched and grown since then, but Allana has been here from the very humble beginnings.  I asked Allana to share a post with you that reflected some of the everyday adventures she shares with her young daughter whom she teaches from home.  I love the way Allana weaves magic around the 'everyday', and I'm so stoked to have her sharing some parenting insights (and a gorgeous giveaway) here at GA.  Once you've finished reading here, do go and visit her at High Maintenance Hippy, for some home and lifestyle inspiration!


The sound of music... 

When I was growing up my Nan always had an Organ set up to play on as she played herself. It was never treated as though it was off limits and there were no strict "rules" it was just there and I was able to use it whenever I visited. At some stage Nan added stickers with the notes in different colours and wrote songs out in the co-ordinated colours for me to follow. I don't remember a time when I couldn't read music so I guess that came next in early primary school. We participated in music at my Primary School and I chose to undertake formal Organ lessons also (yeah I know... I was cool!) In High School I played Flute in the Junior then Senior Concert Bands then did basically nothing until now that The Munchkin is around to share my knowledge with. It has been like riding a bike and everything is coming flooding back.

Rather than showing off about my (basic) musical abilities,  what I am getting at is that by being surrounded by the means to play music, and by being given the opportunity to play music it just became part of my understanding of life. As we offer our children the opportunity to read, run and play the gift of music appreciation can walk hand in hand also.

There are so many musical instruments available to children in all shapes and forms.  The instruments do not have to be expensive. We have probably all made shakers with rice/beans in plastic drink bottles for our children and most children would have made "music" with pots and pans with wooden spoons at some point of their childhood! We have dreams of gorgeous tribal drums and bamboo xlyophones but none of that is really necessary to get rhythm and melody happening at home. 

I must admit that growing up I always wished I knew how to play something cool like a guitar. I mean who whips out a flute at your average high school party? Now though I am happy that I even HAD a musical beginning. One day The Munchkin may choose to pursue an instrument of her choice and we will provide the tools to help her but for now it's just something fun we do during our days that makes us happy, and isn't that what childhood is about after all? 

As a little thankyou for having me over to share at Stella's inspiring corner of blog land (isn't she one amazing lady!) while she is away enjoying the sunshine at Hervey Bay, I have a little giveaway for you! My talented friend Sandra of Grace of Autumn has offering a Little Grace "Inside out and back to front" dress to one reader. 

Thanks so much for having me,
Allana xxx

If you would like to enter Allana's giveaway, just leave a comment telling us what (if anything) music means to you and we will pick a winner.  For extra entries, follow Allana's gorgeous blog (you probably do anyway), and become a fan of the Grace of Autumn facebook page.  The winner will be drawn at the end of August.  x


  1. Trust you to play the organ Allana, you big dag!
    (and you know I mean that in the nicest possible way)
    Music here at our house is having the stereo blasting. Although the girls did have lessons when they were younger, they both quit after a few years - dance was more their thing. Their Dad played drums and I had 'pianoforte' lessons when I was a kid and hated them and my Mum nagging me to practice (my tone was described as wooden in one exam. Nice.)
    I have the perfect little person picked out for the gorgeous Little grace frock if I'm lucky enough to win.
    And I'm a follower of Ms Allana x

  2. I'm a mover to music more than a player of music but I think musical play gives us wonderful freedom and heaps of opportunity just to play and participate with an activity together. Great post. Off to check out Allana's blog now

  3. We love listening to music the retro way. Daddy Ian has a record player and we all listen to music on vinyl. We don't even own a CD player! It's great fun when the kids get the musical instruments out and play their mad music along on the stereo.

  4. I adore listening to music though am not much of a player, our children have lots of instruments to encourage them. Nothing like a favourite song to lift the spirits. Dancing with the little one yesterday to this! She's a big fan of Kimbra and Gotye and pretty dresses and she's 3.5.

  5. I cant really play but would love to! My girls and I sing and dance to our hearts content though and music and instruments are not ever off limits! Music is soothing and powerful and uplifting - wouldn't be without it!

  6. my biggest music memory is long drives with Ma and Pa, listening to Dire Straights (on tape) in the back seat with my two brothers - pretending to play along to the music - using my brothers leg as a guitar (and if he was really annoying us, his head as a drum kit) :)

  7. I have great memories of singing along to the Beetles as a kid - my parents were fans and harmonising either 'Stand-by-me' or 'lean on me' in the back seat of the car on long trips with my sis. My little Isy now wakes up singing most mornings!

  8. ...And am now a fan of Grace of Autumn on fb (well my facebook page is, if that makes sense?)