Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guest Post: Dee of Dee*Construction

It brings me so much pleasure to introduce this next blogger!  You all know and love her (and if you haven't come across her gorgeous blog yet, you may in fact be living under a rock), and this blogging superstar has been so amaze-pants as to share an ace project with us all (me included!  Can't wait to try this out, might even call it an 'on holiday' project and have a go while I'm away...).  Without further ado, Miss Dee*Construction! 

Hello Dark Horse friends and happy blogiversary Stella!

i (along with my little family) have been hanging out in Stella's neck of the woods for the last 2 months and a few weeks ago we were able to catch up at her local cafe. she's a real gem and i'm so honoured to be a guest poster on her fabulous blog today. my kids have been wearing the same few clothes on heavy rotation for the last 8 weeks and i have gone without my craft cupboard for the same amount of time.  so i wanted to show you a way to be creative and change up your clothes while holidaying or travelling without needing too many supplies. having said that, it is TOTALLY addictive to do at home too!

you will need:

how to:
1. draw your image onto your top with chalk or similar (i used a pencil)
2. begin painting with bleach - make sure your brush isn't too loaded with bleach, you really don't need much at all.
3. if parts are pale go back and touch up.
4. allow bleach to fade to desired colour (see 'tips' below) and rinse in cold water before washing and wearing. i liked the stag a little pink so rinsed it fairly quickly after painting.

see? easy, right? it really is limited only by your imagination.
and so, so totally addictive.

>use clothing that says "do not bleach" on the care label (rebellious, i know!)
>use 'fabric safe' bleach
>to stall bleaching process (ie, if you like the colour and don't want it to fade further), rinse well in cold water.
>using newspaper between layers seems to absorbs more bleach, and prevents the bleach bleeding.
>be aware that it is difficult to fill in block colour (bleach) evenly
>for further info on bleach painting, see here: http://abeautifulmess.typepad.

Thanks so much for having me here Stella, hope you're having a wonderful break with your gorgeous family!
Dee xo

Thank you Dee!  For those few of you that haven't visited her blog, drop in here and say hi (though it's probably safe to say that she's one of your daily reads already, right?) x


  1. love this project of course having an artistic hand like you both have would also help a lot! :o)

  2. gosh, what spunky kiddos! ;)

  3. Thanks Dee and Stella! I've pinned a few ideas similar to this one, but the instructions always say to use a bleach pen. I haven't ever seen one here in Australia, and wouldn't have thought of the paint brush idea myself. I'm off to revisit those pins now and see what I can come up with!

  4. That is such a COOOL idea. Never dreamed that would work so well. Love your examples, Dee, they look fab, and I am off to hunt for a suitable t right now. x

  5. What a brilliant idea - love it and love your designs. And cute models!

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