Monday, August 27, 2012

Holidaying: Toogoom Beach

We are officially hoooooome!  So happy!  I'm not looking forward to all the unpacking (um, why did I pack so much again?), but I am looking forward to locating the bits and pieces we purchased while we were away - mostly gifts.  But first, a little catching up to do...

This cute little beach was just a short drive away from where we were staying.  It was quiet and scenic, and the local cafe made the best baked cheesecake I have ever tried.  I can almost still taste it... Mmmm.  


  1. Beautiful family photos.
    And yes I agree there's no place like home. And it's all the more appreciated after a holiday away.

  2. Gorgeous photos as per normal... def some to frame and treasure along with the holiday memories! Welcome back :)

  3. You are OWNING that new camera, your pics are seriously stunning these days Stella.

    ps, welcome home x

  4. I agree with Dee - your photos are AMAZING. You should let a lady in on the secrets.

    1. Thank you! I'm enjoying playing around... Hmm, secrets. Take lots?! Also, I've been using the manual functions as often as possible, I find that auto makes all all photos come out under exposed and I prefer them to be over exposed. Also, I'm trying to keep it interesting by taking photos from as many different angles/positions as I can (read Rosa-May's guest post - I take ALL my tips from that lady...). Other than that, I take heaps and select just a few...