Friday, August 31, 2012

Holidaying: Whalewatching


Our holiday has felt a little bit like stepping into someone else's shoes.  Someone orders Moreton Bay Bugs rather than just-an-entree-and-some-water-thanks.  Growing up, our family holidays were more along the lines of going camping at a DOC campsite, or making a long-haul trip to New Plymouth to see my Grandmother, and spend our days in Pukekura Park.

I did a bit of hunting around and found a company that were not only the cheapest (by a fair bit), but also the awesomest of them all.  We forewent the buffet style luncheon that all the other tourist boats tried to brag about, and went with tea and coffee, and scientific experts who were out on the seas researching these gorgeous creatures.  The profits from our trip funded further research, and we all felt good about ourselves (seriously though - $75 compared to the $120 that the tourist boats were charging).  We sailed with Pacific Whale Foundation Aus, and they were great.

And whales!  Because, when in Rome...


  1. that's what holidays are for Stella...
    what a cute pic of your lovely little colour co-ordinated family x

  2. What a wonderful experience. Whales are such beautiful creatures.

  3. These photos are ridiculously beautiful.
    I really, really would like to see Whales. I think if I ever give in and visit Aus, this might need to be on my list, too.

  4. amazing and what beautiful photos and memories. i get the other shoes thing too. oh yes. x

  5. Love!! We came across some humpbacks, a mama and her calf, while out fishing on my dads boat one day pre kids. It was ah-maz-ing!