Sunday, August 5, 2012

On a rainy afternoon...

For this adventure, we went on a short and sweet family date.  It was pouring down, so we drove to the top of a hill to eat treats and look at the view.  Well anyway, at least there was chocolate involved.  Our view was: rain.

On the way home Garland started hollering, and Eleanor tried her best to soothe him.  It began with "'S'all wight baby, shhh, 's'all wight..." which turned rapidly into, "STOP!  BABY. STOP. NOW!"  Meanwhile we frantically tried to shhh both of them and get home before things fell apart too bad.  I guess not all adventures can end as well as they start...

Check back later if you want to see what I packed in Eleanor's Traveling Distractions Bag.


  1. i love these photos! sounds like our family outing this morning which we planned for a nice walk and got alot of RAIN! I looked exactly like Mr Z.
    D and I both "lol'd" at Eleanor's sisterly soothing,bless.

  2. I love the honesty of this post - especially Zan's facials, I know that feeling so well.