Friday, August 17, 2012

Things We Might Be Doing Right Now

I know this might make you hate me, unless you are somewhere sunny and warm and close to IKEA.  But anyway, this is the list of activities Zan and I compiled before we left.  I'm not saying we're going to manage all these things, but we will try...

1. IKEA!!!  Fo' sho'!  I'm ridic excited about this!  I even cleverly planned to do this at the start of our trip, so that we wouldn't have spent all our moolah yet.  Yeah, sneaky alright!  Particularly because I am not that excited about going to the reptile park again, and well, maybe we will have spent all our money on duvet covers and curtains anyway, so maybe we'll go look at a bunch of scary ole snakes next time?  Honey?

2. Whale watching.  Um.  OMG!!!!  This has got to be the most exciting thing ever!  I mean, I guess I have to face the reality that the whales might not be available to be gawked at, and we may have just squandered a bunch of money on a boring old boat trip without any whales to look at, but I am dreaming big.  Hello, gigantic friends of the deep!

3. Restauranting... That's what holidays are made for, innit?  I hate cooking, so I'm psyched.

4. Historical Maryborough.  I put this further down the list, because I figure that to some this is a little less exciting and exotic than some of the other things we'll be doing, but I'm really looking forward to exploring this town.  I like old stuff.  Like vintage things.  And wine.  And in this case, buildings.  Okay, now I get why that sounds boring.

5. Hanging out at the beach y'all.  I mean, that's what you do in Hervey Bay.  Why fight it?  I'm hoping there will be some actual sun to enjoy while we're there.

6. Avoiding creatures of all varieties.  I am freaked about some of the critters that live around Queensland.  I just don't know why there have to be so many scary things there?  I'm all like, "Zan, why on earth do you want to go to the reptile park, when there are plenty of ridiculously scary and dangerous snakes living on your mum's property?!!!"  Which is why I seriously considered taking my gumboots with me (although, that's just asking for a scary and dangerous spiders to move in, isn't it?!), and/or never leaving the confines of her house.  Except to go to the beach.  And I won't be dipping my toes into those shark/stonefish/box jellyfish/saltwater croc infested waters either.  And I mean it about the crocodiles.  Last time we were there they were all, "you can't go swimming folks, there's a saltwater crocodile on the loose," and I was all like, "as if I was going to go swimming here anyway you drongo."  Plus it's the middle of winter, so swimming's probably out, amiriiight?  Puhlease.  I'll go swimming when I'm safely back home, thanks.

7. Shopping!  Yaaaya!  This has not happened in a looooong time.  I. am. peaking.

8. Going to the reptile park.  Again.  But really maybe not, because we don't want to scare the children do we?

9. Probably-a-bunch-of-activities-planned-by-our-hosts-that-I-may-or-may-not-be-that-thrilled-about.  But as long as they involve eating yummy food that has not been prepared by me, I guess I'm good.

Me, in braver times (note that I would only gingerly touch the snake, rather than have that slithery speciman around my neck).  Zan, casual-like.  Btw, that baby croc totes tried to bite me, despite having a rubber-band round it's snout.  Even the trainers were all like, "Woah there!  Might just grab that croc back off you darl."  I was all like, "Seeeee Zan!"  

I'm sure there were more actual things on that list, but anyway, that's just an idea.  I would tell you what exciting things we packed for the trip, but it's probably a little early in the day to bore you to sleep.  If I haven't already.

Actually, while that list does make it sound like quite a glittery, sunshiney holiday - I have a bit of a complicated relationship with travel, so no doubt there will be some challenges thrown in there too.

Extra added bit:  We are halfway through our holiday now, and since writing this post, we have actually ticked pretty much everything off this list - including travel speed-bumps.  I'll pop back early next week with some snapshots x


  1. Heh, totally with you on the creepy crawlies...eeeeek! And the food. And the shopping. AND IKEA.

  2. YIKES. I can hardly even look at the snake photos without squirming. The IKEA and whale watching is totally enviable though - allllmost keen for an Aussie trip. Almost.