Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spaceboy Baking Set

The lovely Rachael of Gidgi offered to send me (as well as the winner of this prize) one of these cuuuuute Spaceboy Baking Sets.  Um, yes please!  I was well stoked, especially when it arrived, and it was even cuter than it looked on the website.  I for one am a little obsessed with the 'Go Spaceboy Fairy Cake Cases,' both the name and the cases themselves are totes cute!

And that space rocket cookie cutter?!!!  Swoooooooon!!  Perfect timing too - Ellie does enjoy a bit of baking/bowl-scraping/spoon-licking, so we will get plenty of use out of this.  Though I suspect I won't be able to bear using those cupcake cases :-/ Now to find the perfect spot in this house to perch that cute little suitcase...

Gidgi Shop's having a 3 day sale, starting today - so if you are hoping to get some of your Christmas shopping done early, head over there!


  1. yay! love that suitcase too - so cool

  2. Love it! The perfect gifty for a three year old too..and cheap with 30% off! Tempting!