Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning

 1. The colour of Spring
2. Totes on the move
3. Pretty party things
4. Soft, baby hair... *siiiiiiiiigh*
5. Ikea patterns
6. Homemade treats
7. Homely corners
8. Studio sun
9. An Ikea favourite find
10. My brown-eyed guy

I promised myself I would be very strict about Spring Cleaning this year.  I would use capitals.  I would formulate a plan.  I would not get stuck.  So far, so good.  Some reading helped.  I rediscovered this book, gifted to me by my older sister on my 21st birthday, and September begins with some very useful tips for decluttering.  Like; stick to the corner you are cleaning - just one space at a time.  Like; don't let other family members join in the fun (they are likely to encourage you to hold on to things, I intend to be ruthless - or at least, sort-of ruthless).  Slowly, space by space, I am clearing out the cobwebs (literal and figurative) and it feels soooo good.

This post, by Kelle of Enjoying The Small Things struck a chord with me, and helped get me motivated.  This post by Jodi of Che and Fidel was a lovely reminder that spring cleaning can be pretty enjoyable, if we choose.  In my case, I simply supplant all those lovely items she purchased, with a hot cup of coffee and some motivating music.  Jurassic 5 is a popular choice.


  1. Your house is so lovely! I want to visit! Beautiful :)

  2. everything looks so inviting! I love that mustard cushion with the flowers!

  3. Yes! So beautiful!
    I'm feeling inspired to start cleaning too.. just need to find the time!