Tuesday, October 16, 2012

KCWC - Day five

I didn't quite manage to make it back here yesterday, but here is the wee skirt.  It didn't turn out exactly as I saw it in my head.  For instance, I had no vision of what the waistband would be (I just knew I didn't want too much black), and I had to add some extra length to the skirt which changed the look too.  But overall I'm very pleased.  I had an excess of mint coloured fabric that I think works perfectly, and I love how the black bunting/colourful relief turned out.  Of course there are many mistakes and imperfections, as with any of my homemade clothing, but it really doesn't matter to me.

And I got to use some teeny pieces of gorgeous fabric....  *siiiiiigh*

Last night I did some sewing for Garland.  Almost finished that, so hopefully I can show you tomorrow... x


  1. Great job love! It looks gorgeous! Those scraps are so sweet! I think I will have to try something with triangles.

  2. Oh its fab stella! I reallynlike the black background cause it allows your eyes to focus on the triangle fabrics x

  3. beautiful beautiful beautiful! What a great wee skirt, well done!!!

  4. So awesome! It is gorgeous well done!

  5. LOOOOOOVE. Seriously, love it. I would wear it. Mollie needs one similar, I think. And SUCH a great use of teensy amazing fabric pieces. *Adds to the list of things to make one day..*