Sunday, October 7, 2012

KCWC - Prologue

I guess it's cheating, but I actually started last night.  It began with sketching out ideas and choosing fabric, and ended with:

An almost completed long-sleeved raglan shirt.  I mostly followed this tutorial okay, I looked at the pictures... but I think I have some unpicking to do tonight, and I'm completely redoing the collar (this time with rib knit - if I can find some - limited resources out here in the country...).

The circus fabric is from Spoonflower.  I freakin' love that place, my favourites list is a mile long... And not too expensive atm, thanks to the exchange rate. I ordered a fat quarter of this, and a swatch of some Heather Ross.  I was hoping the swatch would be enough to create a front panel for a baby tee, but it's a little too small so I'm going to come up with another plan.  The other knit fabric I used was thrifted in Maryborough.  Fyi I just made this fabric available for sale, in case any of y'all are interested.

Be prepared for many more KCWC posts this week, I already have tonight's project lined up...


  1. Awesome - it looks great. I must have a browse at spoonflower

  2. Looking WONDERFUL! I am making raglans too! But mine will be nowhere near as cool as this!