Wednesday, October 3, 2012


We had a power cut last night.  Actually, we were having dinner at a pub with some friends of ours and two things happened simultaneously.  One, Eleanor threw herself into my lap and snuggled in.  Because she's not really a snuggler most of the time, I figured something was wrong and checked her temperature.  She was definitely hot.  Two, the power cut out, and the bartender told us it was off everywhere.


I wish I could say I love a good power cut, but I very much don't.  I hate to say it, but I feel at an absolute loss when I don't have my laptop available.  I've been meaning to get into the habit of keeping it charged constantly, because power cuts aren't that uncommon up here, but yanno.  So, I was pretty P-Oed about the power cut, and also worried about my little girl because fevers are sent to freak the crap out of parents right?! who was sleeping fitfully and feverishly.  And there was nothing to do.

We lit the few candles we had and pooled them in the centre of the coffee table, and I began to flick through magazine articles that I usually just skim over without reading.  And then I remembered why I never bother reading them.  Silly parenting articles that I really don't agree with.  I should've gone straight to Good or Frankie, but instead I shoved the pile of magazines aside, and watched Zan play Solitary Chess (a very fun game - I got it for his birthday).  He placed the game on the coffee table so that we could both try and solve it in our heads.  

And then we just lapsed into silence, the kind of peaceful quiet that we never usually experience.  No TV, no clattering keyboard keys or noisy sew machine, no humming fridge.  Just candlelight and rustling trees.  The shallow breathing of our daughter which to be honest, totally kept me from relaxing, ever.  If I hadn't been so preoccupied with worry always magnified at night, innit?! I would have enjoyed it. Enough to want to do it again tonight.  I never give a moments thought to how noisy our lives are, how bright the lights.  I never realised how much these things contribute to the frantic nature of our days. 

I would do it again tonight, however those post-it notes are glaring at me and tapping the watches on their wrists, so I will be using my evenings for busy work over the next few weeks.  Still thinking I might sneakily plan a voluntary power cut sometime soon though.

p.s. I'll have more details about these magnetic alphabet sets soon, they might end up in my felt store.  There are a very limited number of them, and I won't be making them again after this lot.


  1. Must say I do quite like me a power cut. And a thunder storm. Perhaps both together! But nothing lasting more than 3 or so hours...haha, then I'll have my lights and heater back thanks! Hope Miss E is feeling better. I freaking HATE fevers. They are the worst :(

    PS love the magnetic alphabet!

  2. I've been wanting to have some TV free nights at least but its so seductive to turn it on and leave it on after shorties! Hope Eleanor has got a bit better today :)