Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Advent Ideas: Day 4 - Elf Books

I thought it would be cute if Atticus arrived with some personal items he'd brought along from the North Pole, including some of his current reads.  Of course, Christmas books would naturally be amongst his faves, and I thought he might be quite interested to read about the naughty Elf off the Shelf too.

I think Eleanor will get a buzz when Atticus arrives with these, and we own The Jolly Christmas Postman, so she will be thrilled that Atticus has his own copy too.  I used to make things like this when I was little, for all my dolls.  I guess I'm still a kid, really.

Cutting, folding, gluing.  It doesn't get much easier, or cuter!  This is how I arranged my pages, enabling me to fold them accordion style.  I didn't think to create spines which would have made them fit a little better, I'd recommend doing so if you decide to make some of these...  I'm thinking Atticus might need his own little notebook too, for when he reports back to Santa.  That's next on my list...