Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Linky Party

Anyone else as excited about Christmas as I am?  I'm pre.tty excited.  I think this year feels extra special because a) it's the first time Eleanor will be really aware of what's going on, and b) we are not moving house this year - therefore we get to do all the decorating/build-up that we haven't been able to in previous years (we have moved house around Christmastime three years in a row).  Both of those reasons mean that this is kind of our first family Christmas.  This year we get to start building the traditions that will be carried through the years.  We will be creating those special Christmassy memories that our kids will look back on for the rest of their lives.  Yep, in my books, this is a pretty special year, Christmas-wise.

On top of that, we are actually hosting Christmas this year.  A smaller version, with only one of my siblings here (sniff sniff, will be missing the rest of them dreadfully).  But we will have the parentals and two aunties (Zan's sister, as well as one of mine), so it will definitely feel pretty festive.  And this year we have a son in our midst too!  Wow!
More on this, soon...

So anyway, I've been chatting to the very lovely Cat of Catalina's Cottage, and we thought that it would be fun to have a linky party through December (and the rest of November), sharing posts about our Christmas traditions.  Both she and I are adopting elves this year, a very sweet tradition that you can read all about here, so you will probably be seeing those cheeky imps quite a bit through December.  If you have an elf, or if you have written posts about anything lovely and Christmassy, pop back here each Friday and leave your link.

Our newest resident - we scored ours from The Book Depository.  Free shipping y'all!

We are starting early (as in before Dec - also, yes, it's Saturday today), because I'm an impatient girl and can't wait that many days. You can leave as many links as you like from posts you've written throughout the week, and don't forget to check out the other links too, there's bound to be lots of lovely inspiration to be found. I've even created a button, which was quite a challenge for me (but such is my dedication to Christmas) which you are welcome to grab and put on your blog.   It's official y'all.

Grab button for The Golden Adventures of

p.s. this is my first time using a linky and a grab button, so please let me know if there are any issues with either and I will *try* to resolve them ;-)


  1. Squee - Buddy (our elf) arrived yesterday all the way from SANTA :) we've given him a name, got his adoption papers sorted and WOWZERS the mischief he's been up to already!
    I'm so in in in !! !! !!

  2. Yay - this is going to be an awesome linky party! Cant wait to see all the lovely ideas! And yay for you guys having a first proper Christmas! x

  3. Love the button! I have a Christmas project or two planned (but not yet in the works quite yet) and a few traditions I now have an excuse to share so I might join in another week..

    P.S. how long is each link open?

    Jenny x

    1. Ok so I worked it out - the link is open until Christmas... I get it now!

      I've just linked up with my first post :)

  4. Great idea Stella and Cat. I will definitely join in for some too. :o)

  5. Ooh count me in, we're christmas mad!

  6. Ohhhhh Elf on the shelf. I so planned to buy one for this year... but forgot all about him... darn it. Not sure I can afford it now...

    I am getting rather excited for this Christmas. So much planned and being planned. YAH

  7. Oh wow I am so excited, thanks Cat for pointing me in this direction I will definatly be joining in, thanks x

  8. Awesome idea for a linky! I hope you don't mind - but I linked a post I wrote last year because it's about a family tradition. I'm also hoping to blog some other traditions this year as well :-)

  9. cat came over nad told me to pop here and link up but i have no idea how to do that, can you please explain to me how? As i have done this one for xmas

  10. Max directed me here, thanks for hosting. Off for a good old snoop around your blog.

  11. I love this idea, Stella. This week I am VERY late to the party, but I've linked up my post about my Christmas book. Each Christmas eve we get a new Christmas book to read, so last year I wrote my own story for my children and got it printed at Snapfish. This year I have self-published it and made it available on Blurb... I'm kinda proud of my baby book. Hope you like it.

  12. I am very new at all this. Just started my blog so I am so excited to be a part of it all.