Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Movies

I'm slowly compiling a list of favourite Christmas movies.  To be honest, I'm a little bit disappointed that there aren't more, and they aren't better.  There are a heap of bad Christmas movies out, but these are the few that I like.

1. Elf.

2. The Family Stone.

3. Joyeux Noel.

4. Home Alone 1 & 2.  *ahem* Yah, so I totally love the Home Alone movies...

5.  It's a Wonderful Life.

6. The Family Man.

7.  Arthur Christmas.

8.  The Holiday.

9.  Polar Express.

10.  Love Actually.

Those last three movies only just scraped through, for me.  I've seen Love Actually way too many times, and Polar Express, while lovely and Christmassy, is also super creepy.  I also have a small list of movies that have Christmassy scenes in them, without being Christmas movies.  I think that these are my favourite of all...

1. Little Women.  I adore the Christmas scenes in this movie, and actually love this movie all round.

2.  You've Got Mail.  I can't remember anything about this film other than the Christmas scene...  It's pretty good!

3.  Bridget Jones's Diary.  The opening scenes of this movie set me up for feeling about as Christmassy as I could ever hope for.

4. Some of the Harry Potter movies - can't remember which, but how much does my inner geek wish I could spend Christmas at Hogwart's?!

and not a movie, but:

5. The Office - Christmas Special.  Fave.

I'd love some more recommendations if you have any...  I've watched too many crappy ones to feel very brave about trying new ones, but if you know a film that has some lovely Christmas scenes in it, and is also a good movie, please let me know x


  1. The Elf is our all time favourite also..
    We watched it last night for the first time 2012. We pack up all our Xmas books and movies etc with the decorations at the end of December so we only get to enjoy them just over a month each year. Makes them more special.

    There are a couple there I have not seen so might have to get my hands on them this season. :)

  2. Love Elf! And the holiday and you've got mail.wil check out some of your list I haven't seen.
    My youngest loves Santa Paws, we saw it at one of those outdoor movie showings...I may have got a bit misty

  3. Yes my lil girl finds polar express scary too
    I love a good love story so The Holiday is just me . . . .
    I'm off to check out the others you've recommended that aren't on my list . . . and I've heard there is a Downton Abby Christmas special which I must have

  4. Does Die Hard count? You know, in a "..and you thought your Christmas work party was bad" kind of way. Die Hard 2 even?
    For me it has to be Love Actually - my dearest and I saw it at the movies when it opened. The first caption along the lines of "6 weeks before Christmas" was just so exactly the time we were watching it.

  5. The Family Man is one of my all time favourite movies, and yep, I've watched Home Alone many times over the years. Family Stone was also good. My kids love The Happy Elf (free with the paper a few years ago).