Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas Traditions - Gingerbread House

This year we are making our first gingerbread house, during advent.  I'm been searching for inspiration, and now I feel a sense of expectation that it's gonna look amazing, clearly forgetting that my co-designer is a 3 year old.  Actually, I pinned an idea on Pinterest, for making a Christmas tree out of an ice-cream cone, green icing, and lollies.  That will be Eleanor's job, while I focus on the more important job of creating a pinworthy house.  


Joking, but have you seen these houses?  They are truly amaze-pants, and I really want my gingerbread house to look just like one of these.  That last one is my favourite, though not the look we will be going for this year.  I'm thinking about having a gingerbread house making party, and inviting a couple of my friends (and their kids) over.  Does that sound like a recipe for disaster?  Or fun?  Do you have any tips for me as I embark on my first gingerbread house decorating experience?  I already bought the box kit of house pieces, I'm definitely not ready to make one from scratch yet...  Thoughts?  Advice?

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  1. I have a soft spot for gingerbread houses as i was making my first three years ago when i went into labour with claud. My tip would be to assemble the house first, it takes an age to get them straight and to dry, and then have the party be a decorating party. I love the log cabin one and am wondering about making one using brandy snaps now... X

  2. Jake and I made one last year from a kit, they are great and super easy - but the next day it had gone soft and collapsed! Still not sure what went wrong but we will be trying again this year.

  3. I've never made one but think they look like fun, where did you get the kit? Loving the linky too - lots of cool ideas : )

  4. we have made them for the last 3yrs,I do make them from scratch and glue them together with royal icing. At first I made one for Harriet and Billy plus the cousins but Sarah and I were itching to get in and make them 'perfect' so the next year I made she and I one too...we were there long after the kids just putting that last touch on. I made mine for Arlo but I suspect this year he will want his own and Sarah gave hers away to a little friend. I make all the pieces a days or so beforehand and store them in airtight containers and assemble them the night before on boards covered in foil. Each child gets their own bag of icing and their own bowl of lollies to decorate. Last year they spent just as much time making the gardens as doing the houses. I also make them a gingerbread tree or two to decorate. You can see last years here

  5. They look awesome! Were thinking of trying one for the first time this year too! Go all of us! x