Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Traditions Linky Party (& some unrelated photos...)

So it's been super Christmassy around here, and I'm sure there are some of you who have been less than thrilled about that.  So for those who prefer less tinsel with their blog reading, this weeks Christmas linky post has some Summery pics of my littles, enjoying our junglesque lawn.  I secretly love it when Zan hasn't mown our lawn for awhile, it's a bit magical to me.  I love it when it looks perfectly manicured and park-like too, but there's just something so lovely and meadowy about a flower-covered lawn...

For those who have written Christmas posts this week, do link up here!  The Christmas linky will be open till Christmas day.

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  1. oo love the b/w of Garland. Im gunna have another go at adding your link to my blog lol x

  2. I love these photos of your beautiful little ones and the delight on Eleanor's face, so, so cute!

  3. These photos are beautiful. We have a lawn that looks like this if left uncut for 2 weeks...perhaps I should celebrate it more when it rains and prevents me mowing, instead of being embarrassed when someone swings by and catches our wildnernes in full swing. BEAUTIFUL!