Monday, November 26, 2012

Constructive Eating review!

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to review some seriously cool products.  This is one of those times.  Recently we were sent this awesome Constructive Eating set for Eleanor, and it's pretty ace!  There were two cute options, but I was most taken by the digger set, and the idea of a plate-as-construction-zone.  

Don't mind that messy-just-been-helping-Daddy-garden face.  At least her wee hands are clean.

Transporting is one of Eleanor's main learning styles, so this set is absolutely perfect for her.  She gets a bit particular about all the peas being in the right place, and loves that the plate has designated areas for things.  We didn't get much of a chance to use the fork with this meal, it being such simple fare (for a somewhat fussy eater), but the pusher/spoon combo worked a treat!  So easy for E to use, without any frustration on her part bonus or requests for help extra bonus.  She contentedly pushed and scooped up every single pea.  And also ate them extra, extra bonus

For our family, a plate like this will be kept for special occasional use.  For instance, on nights when there is a heavier than usual portion of vegetables, hehe!  I love having little rituals like that.  Things saved for rainy days and special events.  And sure, vegetables can be a special event. Why not.

The garden set is pre.tty cute too!  You can find both sets for purchase here - BUT if you are thinking of purchasing one as a Christmas gift, perhaps? send me an email at rutherbrad(at)yahoo(dot)com - because Penny is offering combined plate and utensil sets for a special price of $50 to Golden Adventures readers.  To quote my daughter, woowooop!


  1. that is so awesome my 4 year old would love it!

  2. We have the cutlery, but not the plate! The plate is aweeesome. (Alas, way out of my price range! The cutlery was a gift, and I now know it cost far more than I thought it might have! I should really thank that kind gifter again..)