Thursday, November 22, 2012

Eeeeee! Christmas is a'comin'!

I held back as long as I could, but yesterday I absolutely caved in to Christmas.  It had something to do with a gigantic parcel of presents arriving at the store (where we collect our mail, because we are bumpkins), all for me!  We drove into town to do our shopping, and some tinsel and a baby Christmas tree somehow ended up in my trolley ;-)

 Perfectly pinworthy presents.  My jaw hit the floor, and is there still... All this, courtesy of this sweet blogger.

 Library spoilin's for the children

Today I took the kids up to the pine grove to saw off a temporary Christmas branch, so that I could have a pine needle-y fix, well in advance of Christmas.  I threw some tinsel over it, and I honestly feel so very cheerful every time I catch sight of it.

Now I just have to count down the days until the 1st of December, when Atticus Elf arrives - and I can begin unwrapping advent gifts.  We will have a month of fun and adventures in this house, I have loads of advent activities planned.

Don't judge!  This only happens at Christmas :-D

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  1. Brown paper must be a popular wrapping choice this Christmas. It does look great.
    I'm looking forward to adding little Christmas touches to our home- a wreath on the front door, washi tape bunting, mini Chrsitmas trees scattered through the rooms.

  2. Cute!! Its November and you are ready for Christmas! You must be the only person in the world.. Is it important that I don't look at the link to blogger who sent these? I want to...

  3. Oh me Oh my she said she'd sent you a BOX and WOWZERS she did!
    I am NOT caving I am NOT caving I am NOT caving . . . . 01st December !! ! !! it all starts - we have a day of it planned