Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kid Style

This is how Miss Dynamite wore her super cute Croutons shorts:

Singlet - Appliqued by my sister-in-law
Shorts - Croutons

Cute enough for going out in, comfy enough to water the garden in.  These will be getting a lot of wear this coming summer, and I'd say the next few too.  The cuffs unfold to add length when she's bigger, it's like Rhiannon just knows how much I love kids clothing that lasts multiple seasons...  I'll be back soon with some more kid style, and even sooner with some party pics....  x


  1. She's gorgeous - and the outfit is fab. Those shorts, I want some in my size! I doubt I'd look as cute...
    And that t-shirt applique is great!
    As for the nickname - i might have to steal that, my big one is being miss dynamite at the mo' too...

  2. The sunshine is bliss to look at! Bring on summer and cute shorts!

  3. LOVE that cute wee outfit - darling photos

  4. Oh how adorable! I can see that I'm going to need to invest in some croutons clothing for my little dynamites too! Also I just love Eleanor's hair in a ponytail, so cute!

  5. Looking so grown'd up with her hair in a ponytail! x