Friday, November 23, 2012

Kid Style

Hello cute!  Red on top and on bottom!  I didn't quite capture these cute shorts to their best advantage (it's so tricky with a crawler), but as soon as we see some sun again I'll have another try.

And yes, it would appear that our little mister is a redhead.  I'm pretty excited about it, but I'm wary of the fact that most of the red in Eleanor's hair had faded by the time she turned 2 (still some copper in there though).  His is redder though, so we'll see.

To find some pants as cute as Garland's (though his are shorts), go and visit the Croutons felt shop (because I'm pretty sure santa would like to leave some of these under your Christmas tree), and to stay up to date with Croutons news, find the facebook page here.  Can't wait to show you the beautiful dress she sent!


  1. He is adorable....beautiful hair! Jx

  2. I *sigh* wish for strawberry blonde hair for myself - long ringlet locks of it