Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Party sources...

I don't know why it was so free of stress (but I'm perfectly glad, of course).  Perhaps I was too tired, after a string of illnesses in our household, and amidst the busiest month of the year - so far.  I kept paring back my ideas.  Initially I'd booked the local Pioneer Village as the venue.  It would have been too cute for words, but the mere thought of it was making me want to wither up into a stress ball.  I found myself avoiding thinking about the party at all - an then it suddenly occurred to me that I could just cancel the booking and host it in our backyard.  When rainy weather loomed, I further relinquished my dreams of a perfectly scenic party, and instead dressed our dining area in vintage finery.  It was, as it turned out, just right.

Of course, it wouldn't have been quite so easy if it weren't for the fact that I have a very clever cake-making friend, living in close proximity.  I asked her if she would make a Posie Gets Cozy cake for Eleanor, and it was exactly perfect!  She also whipped up a lilac ombre ruffle cake for my mum, what a showstopper!  She made cookies for the milk bottles, and gorgeous flower ones for the favours (I'll show you soon), and provided a tray of cake pops, which are never unwelcome.  Srsly.  She did all that.

 Alice kindly decorated this cake just like Alicia which was very important to me.  I'm such a bloggy geek.

 So proud of her cake...

I was also super fortunate to have Pop Roc Parties join up as a sponsor, providing us with some gorgeous mini milk bottles, and some glassine favour bags.  These perfectly complemented the vintage items from my own collection, keeping things simple and sweet.  I have to say, milk at a birthday party - probably the best idea that somebody ever had...  The kids totally demolished their bottles of milk and no one asked for fizzy drinks.  I actually had some pink grapefruit/soda water mix available, but these guys were happy with milk.  


  1. It's all so lovely and providing plenty of inspiration for Julia's party in a few months. I am a terrible party organizer.
    The cakes look amazing and how sweet are the party bags.

  2. I love a good low-stress event! I do so wish I had a handy baking friend though, that would be quite wonderful, especially one who could whip up one of those ruffle cakes, that has got to be one of the most impressive wee cakes I've seen. A-m-a-z-i-n-g.
    Also, totally down with the milk at kids parties. My Aesop doesn't drink juice or fizzy so it's a bit of a given for his event. I must confess, we do use flavoured milk, and don't have fancy bottles (yet!) but still..