Sunday, November 4, 2012


Thank you to everyone who voted for my fabric - crossing fingers that I get into that top ten!  If you haven't yet, pretty please take a few minutes and cast a vote my way.  My little polar bear guy may be found on any one of the 15 pages, so keep an eye out for him... You have to select your favourite fabric and then confirm your vote by clicking another couple of buttons.  But at least no signing in!

Since then I have been spurred on to turn other illustrations into fabric designs.  The peacock was my attempt at another Spoonflower contest, but to be honest I'm really not that thrilled with how it turned out.  I'll let you know when voting commences for that one, or maybe you'd like to enter it too - it's not too late.

I used some of Rosa's illys for this one, along with a collaboration piece we did a while back.  I'm not really that blown away with how it turned out so I might do a bit more work on it.

I love how this one looks.  Very retro/Warhol.  Definitely going to order a test swatch soon so that I can put this one up for sale...

And some county style prints for a collection I'm working on.  I like how the apple design has a bit of a gingham look about it, and the chickens I drew for Zara look super sweet, I think.

I'm also nearly finished uploading all the alphabet letters, and will begin work on the cheater quilt soon.  A very kind reader is helping me work out the details for that, I'll let you know when I have it ready...


  1. LOVE LOVE the sweet girls playing croquet..gorgeous work


  2. LOVE the fabrics !!
    Those apples and chickens are super dooper awesome