Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Swap - Days One to Eight

Guys, I have been the luckiest blogger in the world this month.  I signed up last minute to Cat's Advent Swap last month, and was paired with the wonderful, funny & just plain cool - Max of Blackbird Has Spoken.  Honestly, I probably shouldn't take part in swaps, because whatever I send, no matter how cool I think it might be, is never anywhere near as equally cool as what I receive.  

Max has absolutely spoilt me, and it's taking every ounce of self-control not to rip open all the remaining brown paper packages...  I'm already planning a thank you parcel for her, because the swappee-guilt is killing me.

Day One:
Customised cutlery, that shall be used at an upcoming party (and beyond)

Day Two:

Day Three:
Christmas Tags - beautiful!

Day Four:
A pomegranate and a pin to eat it with, as per a childhood tradition in Max's family

Day Five:
 A beautiful vintage edition of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens...  *sigh (of happiness)*

Day Six:
 Lavender bath cubes

Day Seven:
A Printmaking kit

And because I don't always manage it in the Self-Control department (hellooo Chocolate!):

 Day Eight:
 Elf Fairy Lights!

I feel incredibly blessed to have this generosity bestowed upon me at a time of the year that can be fraught with emotions (our family has said farewell to many precious friends at this time of year).  I feel truly touched by Max's gifts, which have been thoughtfully chosen/made especially for me.  I had much smaller expectations of what this swap would entail, and I have been absolutely blown away.


  1. stunning Stell! such a lovely idea for all you lady's to spoil each other! x

  2. Holy cow! Rad gifts! (and yours were thus far have been far from shabby!)

  3. naughty! (i don't feel so bad about feeling mine up now!) i'm so delighted that you like them and that they have given you a bit of a lift.
    but dont you dare send more (25 is plenty heh heh heh) or i shall have to reciprocate and it could all get out of hand very quickly (a present a day for a year?!!!)
    have a great weekend lovely x

    1. Max, these gifts have punctuated what has turned out to be a very challenging month, with a daily dose of excitement and joy. Thank you! I like your idea of 365 pressies ;-) but seriously, would love to send you just a wee little thank you, if you promise no return one x (and darn it, now I have to wait a whole extra day before opening one, why couldn't I be patient!?!)

  4. Max is such a charm - you should hear her accent - it makes me want to keep her!! Like you I have receiver guilt Leonie has spoilt my socks off and I feel disappointed for her sakes at what she is getting from me. But I have decided to focus instead on what a wonderful generous creative woman she is and celebrate my wonderful good fortune at being on the receiving end of her awesomeness. Thing is you have done great things for Max I love them and you are such a talent. I'm so pleased this is making a tricky time lighter xxx

  5. Gorgeous Gorgeous gifts - LOVE -
    And I absolutely LOVE that everyone is enjoying this swap ::))
    The book squee The writing set squee and those lights squee my favourite but then oh gosh are those bath salts wow yes def all such beautiful gifts