Saturday, December 1, 2012

B is for Baking

So, before I get going with this post - I just wanted to let you know (in case those one or two of you expecting certain posts were wondering), I've decided to show all my advent gifts (read more here) and elf shenanigans in one post at the end of each week.  It was just getting a little too busy round here, especially since I signed up for this fun creative challenge, via Pip Lincolne and JustB... 

Today's letter is B, and having recently spent an afternoon baking and decorating cookies, it was super obvious what I'd be posting about.

Alice had some pre-made dough in her fridge, so on a recent playdate we were able to get straight into some rolling out and cookie cutting.  We are actually having a sugar-free month in our household, but none of us could resist trying these gingerbread cookies once they were cooked and decorated.  So good!

The kids weren't the only ones decorating cookies, I made some too.  Show you soon x

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  1. Is that a cake on her bench, just chilling out in all its magnificent glory? I would like to visit this house of baking wonder!

  2. beautiful Stell!!! missing you all