Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Advent Ideas: Day 12 - Snow Globe Cookies

Even though I had fun decorating these cookies, they definitely didn't turn out how I hoped they would ;-)  It was one of those Expectation vs. Reality moments, fo' sho'.  

Alice made the cookie cutter, and the gingerbread.  I simply cut the shapes and decorated, much like your own child might.  

And they were super yum.  Don't mind that one that I smudged.  It still tasted GOOD!

So today, all things going well, I will be setting up a little stall at the Christmas Carnival.  Cross your fingers that we make lots of sales!  I am a little sad to say that these past few weeks have been hard on my little family, and while I started this Advent project with all the best intentions, I may take some time out soon - once I have a few important jobs out of the way - which may mean I don't reach the end of this.  I have a few more completed projects to share, and you never know - I may find the energy to continue... I'll let you know.  x


  1. I love your cookies, they are so Christmassy! I hope you sell lots of wares and that things ease up for you xxxx

  2. Stella remember no one judges you for having life happen. Take a break if you need to xxxx

  3. Dude you're too hard on yourself, I think the cookies look awesome!!!
    And I am super pleased to hear you're having a break. I've been thinking you were being very ambitious with all the blogging you had planned at such a busy time of year. I hope you feel a weight off your shoulders and take some time to relax now!!

  4. I LOVE the cookies!!!! But I totally get the whole "not how I pictured it in my head" thing. I've been amazed by all your recent posts, take a break already - you are making the rest of us look like slackers :) (you know I'm joking huh?) Hope you've made lots of sales xxx

  5. They turned out great, such a cool idea.
    Family comes first! Love your Christmas posts, but not if they come at the expense of your sanity.

  6. Love those snow globe cookies they are so sweet!

    I've just taken a 10 day blogging break - did anyone miss me? I think not lol .. .. .. Were they there when I came back slightly less flustered and less disillusioned ? YES !!!!

    Take the time if you need it - we will be here when you return