Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Advent Ideas: Day 18 - Mini Chocolate Wreaths

Um, okay bear with me.  You know those cute cookies-used-as-bottle-toppers-that-straws-fit-through?  I have no idea what to call them.  They're all over Pinterest (and I used them here).  I love the look, and I was anxious to recreate something like this for a recent little gathering, but with a Christmassy theme instead.  I was sent these stunning Birch Straws c/o Pop Roc Parties, and a Christmas Wreath seemed like the perfect substitute for the flower cookies.  I could've just made cookies for these too, I suppose, but this seemed more fun.

So they don't look exactly like wreaths, but I thought they looked quite sweet still.  I made Chocolate Crackle using this recipe, pressing them into cupcake wrappers and making holes in centers before they set.  I also added some extra cocoa to cover over the rice bubbles better.  Then sprinkled with green hundreds and thousands, and some little sweets.  And I still have heeeeeaps of Crackle left in my fridge, which I am trying very hard to resist eating.

I will show you more scenes from this little party in another advent post... soon...

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