Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Advent Ideas: Day 20 - Snowmen Sandwiches

Snowmen, snowglobes and snowflakes are the motifs of our Christmas this year.  A friend gave me the idea for this, and I have since seen them elsewhere on the net... Oh well, these are the ones I made...

I used soft, dark rye bread (signature Range) and spread it with cream cheese.  Little pieces of carrot (I cut them differently for the actual party, so they didn't look quite so much like beaks), raisins and little twigs.  I considered whether I felt like 'painting' hats on them with melted chocolate, but the baby at my feet decided me against.  Instead I cut strawberries in half, gave them icing 'pompoms', and plonked little santa hats the snowgents.  Lastly, some candy 'canes'.  Done.  Soooooo easy, so sweet.  Eleanor loved hers, even if the other kids were fairly ambivalent.

On the same friend's suggestion, I made these little Christmas puddings.  I loved these, and might make them again for Christmas.  On the morning of the party I woke up to an eery silence downstairs.  Eleanor is usually banging around down there for 1/4 hour before Zan gets up, and things were suspiciously quiet.  I found her with the remnants of one Christmas pudding, and a delighted/guilty expression on her face.  Hmm.

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  1. I am most definitely making some of those Christmas puddings! they are awesome!