Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Advent Ideas: Day 24 - Festive Ice-blocks

We've reached the end of this advent!  Must be nearly Christmas *gasp*.  We have an obsession with homemade ice-blocks in this household.  Recently I tried a couple of new recipes - and - yum.  Perfect for a sunny-side Christmas :-)

a)  Hot Chocolate Popsicle.  We made up a mixture of our favourite hot chocolate drink and froze it.  Very simple, and very yum.  The chocolate sank to the tip, which was an unexpected, delightful side effect.  Ours were mainly sugar-free, other than the sugar in the hot chocolate mix, and it still tasted good.

b)  Christmas Tree Popsicle.  We just made a banana-yoghurt-honey smoothie and added some green food colouring.  When it was all mixed up, we added some red berries and froze it.  Also yum.  We have a new batch in the fridge.  Woop!

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