Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Advent Ideas: Day 8 - Popcorn Bucket

Traditions!  Oh traditions!  A new one I'm adopting this year is the Christmas Eve present (seen all over Pinterest) - incl. new pjs, a bucket of popcorn, hot chocolate makings, a Christmas book and a movie to watch.  When you write it all out like that it seems pretty excessive, but anyway.  We'll most likely just watch a movie we already have, but I already have a Christmas book set aside (Christmas in the Big Woods).  I also required a pretty bucket for popcorn, and so I decided to decorate one we already have, & make it a tad more festive.

Supplies:  A bucket (I also thought I could do this project using an empty hot chocolate container), fabric scraps, Mod Podge or similar (I used watered down glue - a tip I saw on someone else's facebook page, "Hi Rhiannon" *waves*).

Fabric into scallops.

Wide strip around the top of the bucket.

First row of scallops applied.

Second.  And so on.

I gave my scallops a pen outline to make them stand out more, as the busy patterns were merging into one another.  Fabric scraps left over after I completed this project for The Make Cafe.

This project was inspired by this project seen on Enjoying the Small Things.  Plus, scallops on the brain...

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  1. I love the idea of this kind of christmas eve, we always read the night before christmas and the kwiw night before christmas and i have found some gorgeous pj's. but popcorn and a movie-YES! (i found a random christmas movie about a girl who gets a rabbit that claud will love-and i totes have to make a gorgeous popcorn bucket like this x