Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elf Magic & Christmas Linky Party

Oh man, we are loving this new tradition.  I think it will get even more fun as the kids grow older (and when G actually has a clue what's going on), though it's pretty fun already!  I plan to turn these photos into a simple little photo book - an idea I saw somewhere else can't remember where, sorry! Which will become one of our Christmas books for future years.  







  1. Atticus Elf made himself at home in the rooftop garden of the dollhouse. 
  2. Arriving in late, A.E. lost his bearings and couldn't find the dollhouse, so he settled for a bookcase instead.  
  3. A.E. climbed our newly decorated tree (clearly climbing through a cobweb on the way up), in order to befriend Pinnochio and a couple of cute angels.
  4. In an attempt to bring cheer to the dollhouse, A.E. became entangled in the tinsel he was trying to put up.
  5. The first time A.E. has been 'naughty' so far (we don't encourage naughtiness in this house! ;-)).  Zan and I were quite glad we only had half a bottle of milk in the fridge.  It was quite disconcerting having blue milk with our porridge :-/ (not to mention - green coffees!).
  6. A.E. took some of the other toys for a joyride in our own Polar Express - and then quickly disappeared - as soon as The Crawler was up and about.
  7. Found taped to the wall, with a note for Eleanor.  Who knows how he got there.  Elf magic.
Eleanor adores Atticus, and wakes up each morning eager to find him.  She pretty much talks about him all day, asking where I think he is, and just tonight I heard her singing ''Atticuuuuus Eeeeeelf" as she went to sleep.  It is every kind of adorable.

For those who have written Christmas posts this week, do link up here!  The Christmas linky will be open till Christmas day.

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  1. Love Atticus Elf's sense of humour! I am going to borrow the idea of taping a toy with a note to the wall in my girls' room to encourage them to keep it tidy.

  2. Aww man this is soooo cute! I have to get more creative with Albert Elf!

  3. LOVE the rooftop garden photo of Atticus Elf reading:))) you are too cute

  4. Your Elf is having so much fun !
    Glad to see I'm not the only one with a naughty/mischievous elf
    And isn't Pinterest great for elf ideas!
    LOVE the idea of turning it into a book - I haven't taken enough photos to do that, however, I will dedicate a page or 4 in our Christmas book to Buddy