Friday, December 14, 2012

Elf Mischief and Christmas Linky




 Hanging from the ceiling

8. Discovered A.E. dangling from the tree.  Must've been trying to climb up and visit his friends again.
9. Whoops!  Forgot to shut the imaginary door after himself!  Had to find a way to bring the pink porcelain toilet into play.  It's too cute.
10. Enjoying his elf house.  More here.
11. (Unpictured) A.E. enjoyed a ride on the rocking horse this morning.
12. North Pole
13. North Pole
14. North Pole
15. Trying to escape little hands...

We haven't enjoyed as many visits from Atticus Elf this week.  He went AWOL for a few days when E was having trouble listening and following Elf Law (no touching).  This gave us a short break from finding hidey places, so we didn't mind.  Today he was found clinging for dear life to the lightbulb.  He's there still, must have sore arms by now.  We caught Eleanor trying to stack her little chairs on the coffee table to get to him, so I'm not sure that the lesson was learnt :-/  Days 1 to 7 here.

For those who have written Christmas posts this week, do link up here!  The Christmas linky will be open till Christmas day.

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  1. ROFLMAO at stacking chairs
    My two are way to scared to even dare touch Buddy!
    Buddy got love mail today - too cute - someone (I have NO idea who) sent him his own Christmas stocking!

  2. Elf mail!!! too cute. Stell A.E is such a gem!!!

  3. hahaha I love her perseverance! Loving Atticus's adventures too - so cute x