Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hmmm, we lost a bit of momentum on the elf front.  Over the past week we have made very lackluster attempts to hide A.E. and even kept him in the same spot for three straight days, when Eleanor didn't find him.  She always gets super excited when she does catch sight of him, but she's still little and I think we'll make more of an effort when she's old enough to really get into it.

After dangling from the lightbulb for a day, A.E. was forgotten about come evening, and Zan switched the light on.  About ten minutes later I came downstairs and found that he had a scorch mark in his handmade tights.  Whoops!  That night Zan 'hid' him atop the TV speaker.

The following night I thought I'd be a little more inventive, and had him help himself to some of the fruit.

The next few nights I hid him in quite obvious places too.  It was still just as much fun for Eleanor anyway...  

He stayed in this final spot for days, well hidden behind The Longacre Book of Ships.  Tonight he will find his final hidey spot, and then he's back to the North Pole...

And while I'm here, my second to last gift from Max was:

LOVE this!  Let's see if I can save it for New Years


  1. Aw, hahaha. Esky is a bit older, and she would not rest until that lad was found! Although he was never anywhere as "WOW!" as you've whipped up! (That little room you made for Atticus was a sensation!) I think you're right about next year...even if Christmas was 6 months away, I think it would have been very different.