Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kid Style Summer Edition - with Croutons

Rhiannon sent us this gorgeous dress a few weeks ago, and it is already a staple, go-to, favourite-ever summer dress.  Things I looooove about this dress:
  1. The colour/fabric combo - loveliness.
  2. The comfort factor - easy to run about, climb, jump, play.  This is a real bonus because many kiddo dresses, cute though they are, can be a little restrictive for the kids wearing them.  This is the perfect 'play dress'...
  3. ...But also, gorgeous enough to also qualify as a 'party dress'.  Eleanor has worn this dress heaps already but in less photogenic instances including to important family events & parties, as well as play dates with friends.  
  4. Big roomy pockets, for collecting treasures.
  5. Perfect sizing to be worn this summer, and the next (and maybe even the one after - as a long top?). 
  6. Handmade by one cool mama!  Rhiannon will soon be listing new goodies in her felt store, which is very exciting - so keep an eye on her facebook page for details.  We have some Croutons shorts (here and here) already, and we may just see about adding to our collection ;-)

I'm sure you'll be seeing this dress a lot more, round here...


  1. Whilst scrolling down I thought two things. 1. nice dress and 2. Man is she growing into a little lady, esp sitting at the table having coffee with her arms folded. Then I scrolled down some more ..... and saw how she is sitting on the chair. Awesome still lots more growing to do.

  2. Love this dress it is so sweet
    I also am loving your garden!! !! !!

  3. It fits her perfectly! Excellent! Thanks heaps for this, Stella. Your kids are the best models, truly. So ridiculously cute, and so much personality too. Croutons is all about kids with swagger. ha ha. xx