Thursday, December 13, 2012

N is for Nest

You would think, with all the Christmas posts I've been writing, that our house would be brimming with Christmas.  Actually, it's been very quiet around here, on the decoration front.  We have our tree, and other adornments scattered here and there, but otherwise our house is very much it's usual self.  The little touches though, they give a glow to our home that isn't always present during other parts of the year.  There's a slowly unfurling sense of anticipation, a hint of excitement.  

When I look at these photos, that kindly leave our messes and heartaches out of them, I think that this is going to be one of the Christmases that we will look back on with good feelings.  And that, is good.

I won that gorgeous Christmas Tree Decal from the gorgeous Ruby in the Dust x


  1. So so lovely Stell, beautiful Christmas memory's! x

  2. I do love the rocks in the garden AND well your elf makes me smile ::))

  3. I hear you - our house doesn't seem to be brimming as such - little bits here and there but the anticipation, excitement and joy is growing daily. Love this collection of photo's :) x