Saturday, December 15, 2012

P is for Press

Awhile back, I submitted some photos of a nautical party I created to OHBaby! magazine.  I was super delighted when they decided to run them in their summer issue.  Woowoooop!  My clever big sister wrote the article, and the party itself was a collaborative project I worked on with Alice of Babycakes.  I used to dream of working for a magazine, but that is not my dream any longer.  The magazine biz, it seems a stressful place.  Anyway, if you haven't flicked through a copy of this mag in your local dairy, here's a wee peek at our article.  Also if you have the current issue of Extra Curricular magazine, you will see that both my sisters have worked together on a great piece, about a soap-making lady in Sydney.

This party was fun to put together (we held it at the end of last summer), and I have a heap more photos of it which I will share with you soon x


  1. Awesome! this is usually one of my favorite parts of the magazine, can't wait to get the summer edition, some christmas reading for me! Great job!

  2. Woo! Looks awesome! Can't wait to see some more photos :)
    GO you!