Monday, December 17, 2012

R is for Review

I was sent these lovelies in the mail recently - so good.  Usually I review products that I've chosen, and therefore know that I love, before I've even written the review.  It was nice this time to be introduced to a new product that I would definitely purchase again.  I love me some organic baby products, and I thought these were great.  The Soothing Cream smells yummy as, definitely my favourite product of the three.  And I also love having handy, pocket-sized tubes that I can slip into my handbag (or travel bag).  

You can purchase Little Innoscents online, with free shipping and totally affordable prices.  And they're Certified Organic.  Win.

Also, one of my sponsors, Croutons, is having an epic facebook sale at the moment.  SO much lovely stuff, I couldn't resist buying up some of my very favourite Croutons things.  Now I just have to resist going back and buying even more...

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  1. Super cute packaging. And thanks for the shout-out x